Design Pipeline

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Ongoing Project Areas

XRM dev

Keywords: #UI #Writing

Project Repo

UI Mockup

Following updates to the core architecture and having learned from the initial XRM dev prototype, significant improvements for the Rule Maker UI have been designed. As the development begins on the next iteration of XRM Dev, these updates should be included along with the core architectural changes. There is room to determine the best way to execute these UI updates.

New Website

Keywords: #Projects #Brand #UI #Writing

Project Overview

The website is the hub for the Xalgorithms community and a place to showcase ongoing work. Before launch some task still remain.

  • Finish copy on uses and community page
  • community layout fixes
  • foot note responsivity
  • set up email list serve cta
  • favicon

As the time comes, there are elements that will be added to the website

  • A concepts page describing core ideas from the Oughtomation paper.

In addition to these tasks, there are refinements that would be nice to include:

  • Use Web GL or Lottie to create an animated svg logo (trigger animation on hover).
  • Create animation to make filtering writing more natural.
  • search function for writing


Keywords: #Documentation #Project Management

Project Repo

xalgorithms-alliance/xf-material-components%"Publish Design Documentation UI"

To better coordinate effective documentation and communication is required.

  • figure out a pipeline to surface GL milestones on this page.